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Generic Risk Management Approach workshop: BeST submits comments

On 21 March, a stakeholder workshop on the Generic Risk management Approach (GRA) took place. The extended application of GRA, announced in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), would allow the European Commission to propose regulatory action targeting chemicals/substances on the sole basis of their intrinsic hazard properties, independently from exposure and risk. The declared objective of the GRA is to accelerate the substitution of the most harmful chemicals/substances according to their CLP classification.

Considering the discussion during the workshop and the documents disclosed to stakeholders, BeST has prepared a position paper on the GRA, stressing the need for a coherent and balanced approach, where regulatory actions stemming from the Chemical Sustainable Strategy are developed in coordination. Moreover, BeST strongly supports a risk-based approach as a more efficient streamlining tool, disapproving the phasing out of substances based on a simplistic hazard-based approach despite their safe use.

To access BeST’s position paper, download the pdf file below.

BeST Position Paper - GRA
Download PDF • 180KB

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