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BeST Provides Evidenced Based Data on Beryllium to BAuA

Today BeST submitted detailed information to the BAuA for its review relative to the Risk Management Option Analysis (RMOA) for beryllium metal. The full details regarding the submission can be viewed below. The data on the prevalence of chronic beryllium disease, cancer and exposure profiles were solicited from European authorities and customers of BeST members.

The data provided should serve as the basis for reaching the most appropriate evidence-based conclusion regarding the RMOA for beryllium. BeST maintains the data submitted substantiates not listing beryllium metal on the REACH candidate list or subjecting beryllium to restrictions.  The most appropriate risk management measure is to embrace an Occupational Exposure Level of 0.2 µg/m3, which several EU countries have already established and is expected to be adopted by the US.

Beryllium has been identified as a critical material by the EU. This listing underlines the essential role of beryllium for the European economy. All CRMs are immediately important to Europe’s economy and essential to drive future innovations in maintaining Europe’s technological leadership in a highly competitive world economy.  Many different suppliers, as well as traders and industries, rely on the unique properties of beryllium to manufacture lifesaving and reliable products. To ensure a continuous supply of beryllium to the EU, a US manufacturer submitted a technical barrier to trade inquiry to Germany.

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Summary of the BeST customer survey:

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