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Reclassification in the CLP review

The European Commission has published its proposal for the review of the Regulation on hazard classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals (CLP).

Through out the regulatory process, BeST has actively contributed to the discussions and will continue to do so in the next steps of the regulatory process.

Specifically, BeST has recently submitted its views on the proposed text to address the challenges associated with the reclassification of substances under the CLP.

Indeed, several existing CLP classifications should be revised to reflect the more recent and reliable scientific evidence. The current text of the CLP relies on the action of competent authorities in Member States to propose reclassification. Member States, however, often do not have the necessary expertise and resources to proceed.

Considering this, BeST recommends introducing provisions in the CLP that would allow industry to propose reclassification.

Read BeST's position paper

BeST Position Paper CLP Review
Download PDF • 166KB

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