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CLP Revision: BeST submits comments to the CLP Revision roadmap

In the frame of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the European Commission has recently published the evaluation roadmap on the revision of EU legislation on hazard Classification, Labelling and Packaging of chemicals (CLP).

BeST has submitted its views to the above-mentioned public consultation underlining, among other points, the importance of revising existing CLP classifications to reflect the more recent and reliable scientific evidence, including differentiation of the potential health outcomes for different forms of the same basic substance.

Additionally, BeST has highlighted that allowing industry to directly trigger a reclassification process would guarantee up-to-date CLP classifications.

BeST stays committed to providing further comprehensive comments once more detailed and descriptive information on the individual proposals is disclosed.

To access BeST’ position paper, please download the pdf file below.

BeST Position Paper CLP Review
Download PDF • 168KB

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