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BeST contributes to transition pathway for ASD sector

In the frame of the EU industrial strategy, discussions are ongoing to define a transition pathway for the Aerospace and Defence sector (ASD). The transition pathway aims to aid the sector to contribute to the objectives of the EU Green Deal and achieve the twin digital and green transitions.

BeST has provided comments to these discussions, focusing specifically on the potential measures addressing resilience and competitiveness, and supply of raw materials.

Specifically, BeST has stressed the following points:

  • Understanding the link between raw materials and the performance of products

  • Competing applications and sectors

  • Impact of legislation on availability of raw materials

  • Understanding the link between the raw materials, the durability of products and recycling opportunities

  • Supporting industry

  • Realistic timelines

Read the full statement below:

BeST Position Statement - Transition pathway ASD
Download PDF • 198KB

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