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Skateboarding overcomes the common bigotry by becoming mainstream

These days, not only young people but also adults are in love with skateboarding. This sport appears everywhere, every time.

Overcoming the old bigotry that skateboarding is just for rebels, this sport is gaining more and more popular all around the world. According to a recent statistical report, there are about 50 millions of skaters and thousands of skateparks. It even makes its official debut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Skateboarding also appears in many other fields such as culture and fashion. Recently, skateboarders consisting of boys and girls are on the cover of Thrasher skateboard magazine and Vogue fashion magazine as well.

Along with the development of skateboarding, there are a plenty of achievements in both construction (for example: DIY skateparks), film and movie, art and photography. Moreover, skateboarding takes an important part in such social issues like gender equality, economic development, community and so on.

Researching about skateboarding even becomes a subject in universities. People can study about how it affects society, gender, sport, architecture and contemporary culture.

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Take advantage of existed facilities

Among such achievements, we must mention the significant contribution of skateboarding to the development of streets and public spaces in urban areas. These days, society records the rapid development of the city, followed by the mushrooming of buildings, offices, transportation and education facilities. Skateboarding takes advantage of these facilities without affecting their main functions.

In street skateboarding, skaters make use of sidewalks, pavements and public squares. This activity is considered to disrupt the inherent structure of a city. According to Pat Kane’s arguments, leisure activities of skateboarders must correlate with social and political issues.

Skateboarding raises up a new argument that a city should not be a city full of working and dedication but it also need pleasure and enjoyable activities. In this case, a city will not be a combination of rigid buildings but a living body.

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Overcoming bigotries

Thrasher Magazine in 1992 had quoted a sentence of George HW Bush, an US president: “Just thank God they don’t have guns” to express his fear of skaters as a potential crimes such as robbers or murders. This is the reason why in many countries, governments pass laws about skateboarding in public areas.

Not only political aspect but physical one that limit the existence of skateboarding. For example, to limit the homeless people, government makes use of defensive architectures.

So is the case of skateboarding. Authority sets up a range of skate stoppers, chains to cover the pavement and rough surface on public areas.

However, if you try to approach in other aspect, you can see that skateboarding can somehow improve the skills for people. Skaters have overcome such prohibited activities from authorities and learnt how to adopt with this issue. Moreover, they find solutions and continuously innovate themselves.

Recently, people are becoming more positive about skateboarding when they see how positively this sport affects to social aspects like economy and culture. In addition, the increase of public awareness of health is also a reason.

Many cities around the worlds such as New York, London, Brisbane and Shenzhen have built up skateboarding-related facilities like skateparks, skateboarding centers and clubs,…

It is not easy but gradually, skateboarding is becoming mainstream and the sport for everyone at everywhere.

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