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What to expect from the Critical Raw Materials Act? BeST's views

In addition to the call for evidence, the European Commission has published a public consultation on the upcoming Critical raw Materials Act.

BeST and its members have contributed to the public consultation answering the questions contained in the questionnaire.

Additionally, BeST has submitted a position paper to the questionnaire highlighting the following key points:

  • "One size fits all" approach is undesirable when addressing raw materials

  • Commodity-specific trade-offs should be considered

  • Policy actions should be developed considering the heterogeneity of raw materials and their intrinsic properties

  • All possible solutions and opportunities to secure the sourcing of needed raw materials should be considered and implemented

  • Guidance on the relationship between the 'strategic' list of materials and the EU critical raw materials list is needed

Read our position paper

BeST Position Paper - Questionnaire CRM Act
Download PDF • 211KB

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